Non EU (3rd Country) Nationals - Global Residence Programme

1st June 2013

The Global Residence Programme is a residence programme for Non EU Nationals. It addresses non-EU, non-EEA and non-Swiss nationals only.

Tonio Fenech and John Huber unveil the new Malta Permanent Resident Scheme Malta’s Minister of Finance, the Economy and Investment Hon Tonio Fenech unveils the new Malta permanent resident scheme with (on right) John Huber, tax advisor and officer of the Malta Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Enterprise. 15 Sept 2011
  • The Programme shall maintain the difference in market realities that have already been introduced in the Malta Retirement Programme in that there shall be different minimum parameters for Malta and Gozo. The southern of Malta, like Gozo, will require different parameters to attain the benefits of the Programme.
  • The minimum tax shall be €15,000 and shall include all dependents.
  • The definition of dependents has been widened and this is no longer the wife and children the latter being limited to the age of 21. The age limitation of children (natural, adopted or in care) is now age 25. The definition shall also include dependent brothers, sisters and direct relatives in an ascending line provided that the Director of Inland Revenue is satisfied that these are dependents of the beneficiary of the Programme. Employees are also provided for i.e. carers/butlers and other persons that may have been in the employ of the applicant for the preceding two years.

  • Property Purchase requirements
    Purchase price of property in Malta €275,000 Purchase price of property in Gozo and the South €220,000
  • Rent
    Annual minimum rental of property in Malta €9,600 Annual minimum rental of property in Gozo and the South €8,750
  • Left to right: John Huber, Parliamentary Secretary Edward Zammit Lewis, and former Labour MP Charles Mangion. The launch of the new Global Residence Scheme Malta replacing the HNWI. Left to right: John Huber, Parliamentary Secretary Edward Zammit Lewis, and former Labour MP Charles Mangion.
  • The Programme shall also require the use of an Authorised Registered Mandatory in Malta to submit the application on behalf of the client. This will ensure that there will be no abusive marketing or unprofessional behaviour will not be tolerated. Furthermore a more straightforward procedure will be in place wherein a registered mandatory may appear for his client when applying for the Programme and also either applying for the Uniform Residence Permit or procuring the Uniform Residence Permit.
  • In granting the Programme and the Uniform Residence Permit the applicant will be monitored to ensure applicant and dependents are covered by an all-risks medical insurance in Malta.
  • The renewal of the Uniform Residence Permit shall only be given on condition that the applicant and dependents not only satisfied the minimum conditions for the past year but shall also satisfy the conditions for the forthcoming period for which the Uniform Residence Permit is given. This includes the payment of the minimum tax.
  • The immovable property on which the applicant has declared as his residence in Malta cannot be used by any other person other than dependents or those in his employ. The applicant may not rent out the property that he is declaring to be his residence in the application for whatever period and in whichever location.
  • The applicant may not be resident for more than 183 days in any other single jurisdiction.
  • Administration Fee : A non-refundable administration fee needs to be paid in respect of any application for special tax status in terms of Malta's Global Residence Programme by means of a bank draft payable to the Commissioner of Inland Revenue. The administration fee is that of six thousand (€6000) except where the qualifying owned property is situated in the south of Malta or in Gozo in which case the administration fee is that of five thousand five hundred Euros (€5500). In the latter case the qualifying owned property needs to have been purchased at the time of submission of application

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